MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Measure Distance in a Point Cloud

  1. In the view window, rotate and fit view to see the portion of the point cloud on which you want to operate.
  2. Select Place SmartLine tool ( Drawing > Home > Placement > Line Tools split button).

  3. From the Segment option menu, choose Lines.
  4. Enter a data point to position the first vertex.
  5. Enter data points to define the segment (follow the prompts in the status bar), snapping if necessary to previously defined segments.
  6. Select the Measure Distance tool ( Drawing > Analyze > Measure ).

  7. In the tool settings window, set Method to Between Points.
  8. Enter a data point.
  9. Enter a second data point.

    The Distance and Total fields display the same distance.

  10. Enter another data point(s).

    The linear distance from the first data point displays in the Total field, while the Distance field displays the distance between the last two data points.