MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

VRML World Files

VRML Publisher provides translation of MicroStation geometry to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and the ability to place interactive links between geometry in the VRML world and other Internet locations or VRML worlds. This enables you to publish interactive worlds in addition to static geometry.

VRML Publisher includes the following features:

  • texture mapping
  • Netscape's Live3D Extensions including headlight, background color, and background image
  • exporting text as VRML ASCII text nodes
  • exporting saved views as VRML cameras (viewpoints)
  • exporting solids created with the 3D Design add-on directly without manually converting to surfaces
  • exporting VRML worlds
  • support for mesh objects
  • support for vertex color for 3D printing

You can export a view to a VRML World File by choosing File > Export > Visualization File Types > VRML (*.vrml) or by using the key-in EXPORT VRML. The Export VRML World File dialog, which is used to translate MicroStation geometry to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) opens.