MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

OBJ Export Settings Dialog

Used to export the open DGN file as an OBJ file. OBJ is a 3D file format which supports mesh geometry and simple materials.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Export > 3D Modeling File Types > OBJ (*.obj)

Stroke Tolerance (Meters) Sets the tolerance for the mesh elements of the exported geometry.
Convert Undisplayed Levels If on, geometry on undisplayed levels is included in the export.
Invert Y and Z Rotates the exported geometry so that Y becomes the upward direction instead of Z. This setting can be useful for translating to OBJ viewers that use Y as the upward vector instead of Z.
Write Double Sided Faces If on, both the inner and outer faces are exported. If off, only the outer faces are exported.
Export Opens the Create OBJ File dialog, which contains controls analogous to those in the Save As dialog.