MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Coping with Mistakes

MicroStation supports unlimited undo, which lets you undo drawing operations to recover from a mistake. After you undo an operation, the operation previous to the negated operation can be undone. You can therefore undo a series of previous operations by repeatedly selecting Undo. You can use Redo to negate the last undo operation or a series of negated operations by repeatedly selecting it. You can use the View Previous and View Next view controls to scroll through viewing operations on a per view basis.

Note: A limitation on undoing is that unless you are recording the open DGN file's design history, you cannot undo operations made before the file was last closed (or compressed). This is because when you close (or compress) the file (including "save as"), the undo buffer is emptied. A DGN file is compressed by selecting File > Tools > Compress File.
Note: You cannot undo settings changes.
Note: If you know how many operations you want to undo, key in UNDO n, where n is the number of operations.
Note: To undo a text editing action in a single line field of a settings box or dialog, press <Ctrl+Z>.
Note: When you undo an operation performed on a model other than the active model, an alert box appears by default for confirming the undo request. To prevent the alert box from appearing in this situation, use the key-in UNDO NOWARN.