MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Tagged Elements

An engineering design is rarely communicated with a drawing alone. Non-graphical data is part of most projects; for example, material lists are commonly produced. MicroStation lets you attach non-graphical attributes or tags to elements you draw in designs.

If you delete an element with attached tags, the tags are deleted as well.

Note: For more sophisticated usage of non-graphical data, MicroStation provides an interface to several external relational databases. To import data in an external database that is linked to a design file as tag data or to export tag data to an external database, use the Import and Export menus in the Tag Sets dialog.
Note: Unless you are working in DWG workmode, the use of Tags in Cells is not recommended. If the cell is shared, then the tags may no longer be unique. When working in DWG workmode, however, tags can be attached only to shared cells.

In this section, you will find procedures concerning tags, including: