MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Manipulating Solids and Features Interactively

For "freestyle" modification of solids and features, you can manually "push" and "pull" them, or move and adjust features such as holes and cuts by using handles that appear when you select the solid or feature with the Element Selection tool. These same techniques for modifying solids, also can be used for SmartSurfaces and SmartSolids. In addition to interactive, graphical, modification of solids and features, you can perform a number of operations via a Reset (or right-click) menu.

After you select the feature, tooltips indicate what the handles are for. If you pause your pointer over a handle, a tooltip indicates that the handle either is part of the feature, such as "Hole Cbore./Csink. Diameter: 12.00, Diameter: 10.00" and can be used to modify it, or a Move/Copy handle such as "Move Slab by Point (Press <Alt> while dragging to toggle copy)."

For more detailed information on manipulating solids and features interactively, see Using Handles to modify solids and features interactively.