MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Dimensioning Key-ins

These key-ins are used for specialized dimensioning tasks.

To Key in
Break up the dimension elements contained in a fence into lines, line strings, ellipses, arcs, and text. FENCE DROP DIMENSION
Turn an individual extension line(s) off or on. CHANGE DIMENSION EXTENSION
Change the view that determines the orientation of text in a dimension element. CHANGE DIMENSION VIEW
Change the justification of dimension text. CHANGE DIMENSION JUSTIFICATION

Turning Off and On Individual Extension Lines

You can turn a single extension line off or on, turn all of a dimension's extension lines off or on, or toggle all of a dimension element's extension lines.

Changing the View with Which Dimension Text is Oriented

By default, the orientation of text in a dimension element is controlled by the view in which the first data point was entered when the element was placed.

Changing Dimension Text Justification

The CHANGE DIMENSION JUSTIFICATION key-in lets you change the justification of text in a dimension to center, left, or right. The fromstyle option returns the text to the default location from the dimension style.