MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

The msconfig.cfg Configuration File

You should never modify msconfig.cfg itself (or any of the other Configuration File in the MicroStation program directory). As you will see in the discussion below, there are a number of well-defined places where msconfig.cfg includes user-modifiable Configuration Files. It is in those user-modifiable Configuration Files that Configuration Variables should be modified to provide all the flexibility necessary to meet your organization's requirements for data location.

The msconfig.cfg Configuration File begins by setting the _USTN_BENTLEYROOT Configuration Variables and a number of framework Configuration Variables that point to directories where program data is delivered. Those are necessary for program operation, but do not define locations for any user data or files. It then includes the system and application Configuration Files that are shipped with MicroStation.

# Include all the delivered system Configuration Files.
# These define System level Configuration Variables.
%include $(_USTN_SYSTEM)*.cfg level System

# Include the delivered application Configuration Files.
# These define Application level Configuration Variables.
%include $(_USTN_APPL)*.cfg level Application
The part relevant to setting up a customized Configuration begins where msconfig.cfg defines the _USTN_CONFIGURATION Configuration Variable:
# Define the root directory for the Configuration data.

Since the curly braces are used, this is immediately evaluated to the Configuration subdirectory of the installation directory.

By default, many other Configuration Variables are set to subdirectories of the directory defined by _USTN_CONFIGURATION. The definition of those variables (_USTN_ORGANIZATION, _USTNWORKSPACESROOT, _USTNWORKSETSROOT, etc.) follows the definition of _USTN_CONFIGURATION.