MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Input Command File

The input command file is a text file in which each line consists of the filename of the DGN file to process followed by any switches. The syntax for each line is:

<dgn_file> [switch(es)]

dgn_file is the name of the DGN file. If the path is not specified, the file is searched for in the directory specified by the MS_DEF configuration variable.

The following sample input command file specifies that visible edges DGN files be created of views 1 and 2 of the DGN file "test1.dgn" and "test2.dgn" and of View 1 of the DGN file "test2.dgn:"

test1.dgn -V1 -EFc:/ProgramData/Bentley/MicroStation CONNECT Edition/Configuration/WorkSpaces/Example/WorkSets/General/out/testv1.hln

test1.dgn -V2 -EFc:/ProgramData/Bentley/MicroStation CONNECT Edition/Configuration/WorkSpaces/Example/WorkSets/General/out/testv2.hln

test2.dgn -EFc:/ProgramData/Bentley/MicroStation CONNECT Edition/Configuration/WorkSpaces/Example/WorkSets/General/out/test2.hln