MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Place a Free-Form Surface with Data Points

  1. Select B-spline Surface tool ( Modeling > Surfaces > Create Surfaces > Construct Surface > By Points ).

  2. Enter a series of data points to define the first row (in the u-direction).
    Method Each data point defines
    Control Points One of the control net's poles.
    Through Points A point through which the surface must pass.
    L-Square By Tol or L-Square By Num One of a set of points that is approximated.
  3. Reset to complete the first row.

    The number of data points in the first row must be greater than or equal to the Order in the u-direction.

  4. Enter more data points to define other rows. After the same number of data points is entered, as is in the first row, the row is completed and a new row is started.
  5. Reset to complete the definition.

    If at least as many rows as the Order in the v-direction are completely defined, a B-spline surface is generated.

    Placing a free-form surface by entering data points (Method set to Define Poles). A Reset was entered after data points 4 and 12.