MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Command Line Arguments

You can use the following command line arguments to start MicroStation in various modes.

Argument Result
-Debug Writes the configuration variables and their settings to a debugging variable definition file and exits. Use the -debugfileopen command to open the msdebug.txt file.



Displays the entire list of command line arguments for microstation.exe .
-I<parameters> Passes parameters to MS_INITAPPS, which is the list of initial startup MDL applications.
-M<model_name> Specifies the model to open at startup. The argument should precede with the file name of the model. For example, C:\Test.dgn -M"Sheet 2D"
-O Does not open any references.
-QP<password> Specifies a password for a protected file.
-R Opens the DGN file in read-only mode.
-RestoreDefaults Restores the default settings and exits.
-RestoreDefaultsQuiet Restores the default settings and exits, with no output.
-S<startup_file> Writes text in the startup file to the command queue after startup.
-WA<mdl_application> Specifies an MDL application to initialize at startup. (This is the same as MS_INITAPPS.)
-WD<database> Specifies the database configuration.
-WK<workspace> Specifies the initial WorkSpace. If a WorkSpace is specified, a child WorkSet should also be specified using -WW<workset>.
-WS<configuration_variable> Specifies a configuration variable to be defined. For example: -wsMS_SECURITY_LEVEL=HIGH
-WW<workset> Specifies the initial WorkSet. If WorkSet is specified, its parent WorkSpace must also be specified using -WK<workspace>.