MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Show Callouts

Used to display callouts in the design or sheet model. The tool can be accessed from the Mini toolbar that appears when you hold the pointer on a callout in the design or sheet model.

In drawing or sheet models, this tool is enabled only for callouts that are perpendicular to the drawing. The tool is disabled for callouts that are parallel to the drawing. The tool is also disabled for callouts for saved views that are created from named boundaries.

Note: When you hide a detail callout and then view it again using the Show Callouts tool, the detail callout is regenerated and its bubble is placed with the default orientation.
Apply To
  • Selected Callout — Display the selected callout only.
  • Intersecting Callouts — Display the callouts that are generated along all four edges of the section plane.
  • All Callouts — Display all callouts in the model.