MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Function Format for Curves

The formulas defining the x, y, and z coordinates of the curve can use trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic, exponential, or power functions. The format for such functions is as follows:

Function Returns
sin (value)
sine of value (Depends on global angle units setting.)
cos (value)
cosine of valuea
tan (value)
tangent of valuea
asin (value)
arc sine of valuea
acos (value)
arc cosine of valuea
atan (value)
arc tangent of valuea
atan2 (y, x)
sinh (value)
hyperbolic sine of value
cosh (value)
hyperbolic cosine of value
tanh (value)
hyperbolic tangent of value
asinh (value)
inverse hyperbolic sine of value
exp (value)
ldexp (x,p)
log (value)
natural logarithm of value
log10 (value)
base 10 logarithm of value
ldexp (x, y)
sqrt (value)
square root of value
Note: Curve by Formula also accepts standard C operators.