MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Selecting Raster Files to Modify or Manipulate

You can choose one or more images via the Raster Manager dialog, or with the Raster Selection tool. While only one raster file at a time can be modified with tools such as those that mirror, warp and clip, you can manipulate several images simultaneously with the transform tools. For example, you can choose several images that you want to bring to the front of the display, or send to the back of the display, in one step.

When selecting raster element(s) with the Raster Selection tool in a view, the selection set is not modified when the selected raster reference(s) is no longer visible in the Raster Manager dialog.

Raster Manager is AccuSnap compliant, which means you can use a "smart" pointer for snapping to rasters. When in AccuSnap mode, you simply select a tool and move the pointer over the elements, letting AccuSnap find and display the nearest tentative snap point for you. Use the Ignore Locate Interior check box in the Raster Manager category of the Preferences dialog to change the behavior of the AccuSnap functionality with rasters.