MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Produce a Flythrough Sequence


    The FlyThrough Producer dialog opens.

  2. From the View option menu, choose the source view for the animation.
  3. From the Render Mode option menu, choose the desired render mode.
  4. (Optional) Use the other controls in the dialog to adjust the camera settings and set the output options (FlyThrough Producer dialog).
  5. Define the path that the camera is to follow and the camera target.

    The path can be an existing open element, or you can place an element in the design file.

  6. Preview the sequence.

    Once you have adjusted the FlyThrough Producer settings and defined the camera path, you can preview the sequence before taking the time to record all the frames.

  7. Record the sequence.
    Note: Step 4 can be performed before or after step 5.