MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Raster Image Display

Using Raster Manager you can open and display images of various formats, from monochrome to full color. Single images, or groups of images, can be set to display in one or more DGN file views. MicroStation's drawing and annotation tools still can be used in views that display raster images. The Raster Manager dialog displays a list of all attached image files. You can set the size of the list box by dragging the horizontal/vertical edges, or the corners of the dialog. When the number of images in a list is larger than the number of lines displayed, you can scroll up and down with the scroll bar.

You can modify the location, display order, and various other settings of previously attached raster image files. Changes can be made via the Properties dialog, the Modify tool, or the attachment information section of the Raster Manager dialog. Additionally, the Warp tool lets you fit (warp) a raster image to a particular shape.

When you display a raster image file in a DGN file, it is attached in a Raster Reference Attachment. When a raster attachment is modified with Raster Manager, no changes are made to the original file, just to its attachment information in the DGN file.

Shared Raster Manager Proxy Settings

If you require proxy settings for your rasters when using Raster Manager, you can enter the proxy settings in the Proxy Configuration tab in the Options dialog of the Bentley Licensing Tool. The Bentley Licensing Tool can be accessed from File > Tools > License Management.