MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Render an Image with Sketchy Effects in Effects Manager

  1. Create a daytime scene in Effects Manager.
  2. Turn off the On check box for Visible Environment layer.
  3. Turn on the On check box for other light source images. The previous settings are remembered provided you have not closed the Effects Manager.
  4. Select the Edges layer in the list and turn on the On check box. Edges appear white.
  5. Set the Gain for the Edges layer to be a negative value. Edges appear black now.
  6. Switch the Tone Mapping Mode to Adapt to Brightness and set the Brightness.

    Sketchy look without ambient occlusion

  7. (Optional) Turn on the On check box for the ambient occlusion layer. Set Gain and set the Adapt to Brightness level.

    Sketchy look with ambient occlusion layer

    You can try out different settings to generate various types of effects in your output. For example, to create another sketchy effect with the edges appearing heavier, you need to do these adjustments - select the ambient occlusion layer, decrease the Gain, decrease the Adapt to Brightness level, turn on Bloom, adjust the Bloom Radius for amount of heaviness in the edges desired.

    Sketchy look with ambient occlusion layer and heavier edges