MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Docking Toolboxes

Toolboxes can be docked along the edges of the application window. When a toolbox is docked, its title bar is not displayed and its border becomes narrower.

You can undock toolboxes that are docked the first time you start MicroStation, if you wish.

Docked Toolbox Movement

A single dragging operation can be used to undock and re-dock a toolbox. As the toolbox approaches a dockable area, it automatically moves to the closest available space that it will fit. Multiple column toolboxes (up to four columns) can be docked. Toolboxes without multiple columns will dock underneath multiple column toolboxes. For example, you could have a four column toolbox docked with a two column toolbox and two single column toolboxes docked below.

Two single-column toolboxes docked alongside a two-column toolbox

If a toolbox is docked at the time it is closed, it is automatically docked when it is reopened.