MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Drawing a Sketch Profile

2D Parametric Sketching is the heart of downstream 3D operations that require a profile. The resulting profile will determine how the 3D operation will be parametrically driven.

A Profile is the result of sketching one or more 2D elements in a plane that can be used in downstream 3D operations or when 2D geometry is needed in the 3D operation. Any 2D geometry created with the basic element placement tools (namely Place Line, Place Circle, Place Arc, Place Regular Polygon, etc.) in MicroStation, can act as a profile to create a parametric element from.

Creating a profile using a place element tool.

A profile is extruded into a parametric solid. Distance = 20, Orthogonal = On

A group of elements (acting as a profile) is extruded into a parametric solid. Distance is set to Off.

MicroStation does not limit you to draw profiles only on an empty space, but also lets you create a profile on a built element and apply the same treatment of creating complex elements.

Profile extruded using Create Protrusion tool