MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Define a Multi-Line

  1. In the Place Multi-Line tool setting window: click the ... icon next to the Style drop-down menu.

    The Multi-line Styles dialog opens.

    The controls show the settings that constitute the active multi-line definition. The defined multi-line (if there is one) is shown graphically at the bottom of the dialog.

  2. Add any desired component lines to the multi-line definition.
  3. (Optional) Adjust each new component line's offset.
  4. (Optional) Give the component lines any desired attributes (class, level, color, line weight, and line style) to override the active element attributes when the multi-line is placed.
  5. (Optional) Add any desired color fill to the areas between component lines.
  6. (Optional) Delete any unwanted lines from the multi-line definition.
  7. (Optional) Define a start cap for the multi-line.
  8. (Optional) Define an end cap for the multi-line.
  9. (Optional) Adjust the settings for joints (a line optionally displayed at vertices in the multi-line).
  10. (Optional) Create a multi-line style based on the new multi-line definition.