MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Operation Configuration Variables

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect Operation. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.

Variable Short name Description
MS_APPMEN Application Menus Location of application and sidebar menus.
MS_AUTORESTORESTATUSBAR Auto-restore Status Bar If set to 1, the status bar is restored to its default appearance whenever the pointer is moved within.
MS_AUTOUPDATETEXTITEMSSLOWER AutoUpdate speed for Text items Slows down the AutoUpdate timer for text items. If set to 1, and if MS_AUTOUPDATETEXTITEMSSUPPORT is set to 1, text items are automatically synchronized with their values at a slower rate.
MS_AUTOUPDATETEXTITEMSSUPPORT AutoUpdate feature for Text items Turns the AutoUpdate feature on for text items on those dialogs and tool settings that want this feature. "Text items" are text controls or text input fields on dialogs and tool settings windows. If set to 1, text items are automatically synchronized with their values without focusing out. For example, while placing a circle, in the Place Circle tool settings window, if you enter a value in the Diameter text field, the cursor displays the circle with that diameter. If you change the diameter in the text field, the size of the circle changes to the new value automatically.
MS_COMMONITEMDIALOG Common Item Dialog from Microsoft By default, the newer Common Item Dialog from Microsoft is used for most file open/save dialogs. If the older Microsoft file dialogs are preferred at all times, set this variable to 0.
MS_COMPRESS_OPTIONS Compress Options Selections Specifies file compression options. If set, the specified options override the selections in the Compress Options dialog.
MS_CURSORPROMPT Cursor Prompt If set to 1, displays a Cursor Prompt window that follows the mouse. The cursor prompt shows the message displayed in the lower left field of the Status Bar. It guides you step by step as you perform an operation with a tool.
MS_DEFAULT_MAINTASKPATH Default Main Task Overrides the default Main task. The Main task is now driven by 'Main Task' definitions in DGNLIB's. To upgrade, migrate your existing toolbox definition to a Main task, and set this configuration appropriately.
MS_DISABLE_FILE_ICONS Disable File Open Icons If set, the Show File Icons check box is not shown in the File Open, New, and Open dialogs. Also, the setting is turned off thereby preventing the display of file list icons. The effect is not evident until you restart MicroStation.
MS_DISABLE_FILE_THUMBNAIL Disable File Open Thumbnail If set, thumbnail images of files are not displayed in the File Open and Open dialogs.
MS_FILEHISTORY File History If set, MicroStation saves the last four files and directories for each file type.
MS_FKEYMNU Function Key Menu Defines the file name for the default function key menu. The default name is "funckey.mnu" located in the MS_DATA directory. When you create or modify a function key menu, the default function key menu acts as a seed for modification.
MS_FULLPATHINTITLEBAR Full Path in Title Bar If set, the full file specification of the open file, including path, is displayed in the MicroStation application window title bar.
MS_GRAYGROUPHEADERBACKGROUND Gray Color for Group Headers By default, the background color of selected Group Headers is blue. "Group Headers" are headers of groups/sections in dialogs like Explorer dialog and Properties dialog. If set to 1, a gray color is used.
MS_GROUPPOPUPFADEKEYTIPS Ribbon Group Popup Fade KeyTips Not used.
MS_GROUPPOPUPFALLBACKWORKFLOW_2D Fall-back Workflow for pop-up group processing. Defines the workflow to use when the pop-up group path starts with a "*" and the active workflow does not contain the specified group and the active model is 2D.
MS_GROUPPOPUPFALLBACKWORKFLOW_3D Fall-back Workflow for pop-up group processing. Defines the workflow to use when the pop-up group path starts with a "*" and the active workflow does not contain the specified group and the active model is to be treated as 3D.
MS_IDLETIMEOUT Exit MicroStation When Idle If set, specifies the number of minutes of inactivity to wait before exiting an active session of MicroStation. (“Active session” means that a DGN file is open.) The minimum value is 30 minutes.
MS_IMMEDIATEUPDATE Window Immediate Update If set, view windows will immediately update when other windows are moved or resized over them.
MS_INPUT_CONFIGXML Default Touch Gesture Configuration Directory containing the inputconfiguration.xml file, which is used to store gesture assignments.
MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTS User Keyboard Shortcuts XML file containing user keyboard shortcuts.
MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTSEXPAND Keyboard Shortcuts User Order If set to 1, the parent nodes will be expanded when the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog is opened. A value of 0 is the default.
MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTSSEED Default Keyboard Shortcuts XML file containing default keyboard shortcuts. This file is used to define keyboard shortcuts if the file defined by MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTS is not found.
MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTSUSERORDER Keyboard Shortcuts User Order If set to 1 (the default), the order of the Keyboard Shortcuts in the menu will be the order set by the user.
MS_LEGACYTOOLMAPLIST Path to files that contain Tool Mapping data Defines list of Tool Map XML files that specify mapping of tools from MicroStation V8i to the current version.
MS_LIBRARY_SAVEDVIEW_FILTER Saved Views Library Filter Specifies a set of saved views to exclude from the user interface. The filter is applied only to views found in libraries. For filter syntax and string expressions, see Defining and Deleting Filters.
MS_MAINMENUDOCKINGBESIDE Allow Docking Beside Main Menu If set to 0 or not set (default), the main menu bar spans the entire width of the application window. If set to a value other than zero, toolboxes and dockable dialogs can be docked along the main menu bar.
MS_NO_VIEW_ANIMATION Disable Tile/Cascade Animation If on, the animation of view tile and cascade is disabled.
MS_OPENDWGAEC Open DWG AEC files Controls the behavior when opening DWG AEC files of an older version:
  • Value = 1 - The file is opened for editing and the AEC objects are upgraded to the current version.
  • Value = 2 - The file is opened as read-only.
  • Value = null - If not set at all or set to any other value, the Alert window opens.
MS_OPENV7 Open V7 Files Controls MicroStation's behavior when opening V7-format design files. If not set or set to 0, the file opens with an alert dialog that provides an option to upgrade the file to V8 DGN format. If set to 1, the file is upgraded to V8 DGN format and opened. If set to 2, the file is opened in read-only mode. If set to 3, the file is opened in V7 workmode.
MS_POPUPDIALOGCLOSEDELAY Popup Dialog Close Delay Specifies the time, in milliseconds, to wait before closing a pop-up dialog. The valid range is 0-120 (0-2 seconds). The default value is 30 (0.5 seconds).
MS_READONLY Read Only If set, the active DGN file is read-only.
MS_RIBBONCOMPONENTPROVIDERS Ribbon Component Providers AddIn List List of managed addins that provide their own ribbon content. For example, Baseribbon.cfg file contains an entry for Bentley.Macros.UI.dll. Adding this provides support for the "Macros" ribbon group.
MS_RIBBONDIR Base Path for Ribbon Definitions Base path where ribbon definitions are located. This path is not used directly but is typically used to define MS_RIBBONRSC, MS_RIBBONXML.
MS_RIBBONPREFS Ribbon Preferences File Specifies the name of the file containing the current state of the ribbon, such as the active workflow, active tab, and setting for ribbon search.
MS_RIBBONPREFSSEED Ribbon Preferences Seed File Specifies the seed file for the ribbon preferences file, if not defined for MS_RIBBONPREFS. The file specified by MS_RIBBONPREFSSEED is only used to create the file specified by MS_RIBBONPREFS when that file is not present. This typically only happens when the product is first loaded or when a user has used the command line option -restoredefaults.
MS_RIBBONRSCLIST Ribbon Resource File List Specifies a list of RSC files containing ribbon components definitions.
MS_RIBBONXML Ribbon XML File List Specifies a list of XML files containing ribbon components definitions.
MS_RIBBON_MAXBUTTONLABELCHARS Maximum characters for a ribbon label Specifies the maximum number of characters to display for a ribbon button label. If not set, the default value is 24. The minimum value is 20. The maximum value is 128.
MS_RIBBON_NUMEXPANDEDTASKGROUPS Number of Expanded groups on Active Task tab Specifies the number of expanded groups in a task tab. Once this limit is hit then all other tasks are placed in an Overflow group.
MS_SAVEMENU Attached Menus File containing information about attached menus.
MS_SOURCENAME_PROPERTY Save the SOURCE file property If set, the SOURCE file property can be set to the name of the source file. By default, only the name and extension of the source file are saved. Set to 0 to disable the SOURCE property. Set to FULL to save the full path of the source file.
MS_TOOLSETTINGSIGNORETITLEFORWIDTH Tool Settings Ignore Title when Determining Width Is set to 1, the title of the tool settings is ignored when determining the width of the tool settings window.
MS_UPDATESPLITBUTTONLABELTOSELECTED Update Split Button Label to Selected If set to 1, enables updating the label of a split button to match the selected child item. By default, only the image and tooltip are updated. If this option is enabled, the split button, as well as the ribbon groups, will grow and shrink based on the size of the label.
MS_VIEWAUTORESIZE View Resize Behavior If set to 1, the view windows are resized proportionally when the main window is resized or when the dialogs are docked or undocked.

If set to 0, the view window resizes only when the main window border encroaches the view window border.

MS_VIEWTOOLBOX2D View window toolbox for 2D Overrides for the View window toolboxes for 2D. The value can be the title of a system toolbox or user-defined toolbox.
MS_VIEWTOOLBOX3D View window toolbox for 3D Overrides for the View window toolboxes for 3D. The value can be the title of a system toolbox or user-defined toolbox.
MS_WORKMODE Work Mode Workmode activates/disables certain functions in order to produce a more compatible design at the end. Setting this variable to DWG will disable some creation tools that may result in elements that are incompatible with the DWG file format. Setting it to DGN (default) will gain full functional capacity in creating elements. You must restart MicroStation to see the effect of a changed value.