MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Working with Text Styles and Fonts That Will Be Saved to DWG Files

When working with a DGN file that will be saved to a DWG file:

  • Use TrueType fonts when possible, since both MicroStation and AutoCAD support this font type.
  • MicroStation fonts in a DGN file can be converted to AutoCAD fonts when you save the file to DWG SHX format.
  • If the DGN file contains unconverted MicroStation fonts when it is saved to DWG, AutoCAD uses the font specified by the FONTALT variable, and MicroStation uses the font specified as the Fast Font. Text fonts are stored in font libraries.
  • The MS_DWGFONTPATH configuration variable lets you specify the directory where all DWG SHX fonts are stored.
  • In AutoCAD, every text element in a DWG file must have an associated text style. When a DGN file is saved to DWG format, MicroStation automatically creates a like-named DWG text style for each used text style.

    If the DGN file contains text elements placed without a text style, MicroStation automatically creates a text style for each font used to place these elements. MicroStation determines these style names by applying the naming template specified by the Text Style Name Template setting in the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog.

  • If you place fractional text in an RSC font in a DGN file and save it as a DWG file, the fraction cannot be edited as a stacked fraction in the Text Editor dialog. This is because, when you save a DGN file as a DWG file, the RSC font is converted to SHX font and you are not able to edit it as a stacked fraction in the Text Editor dialog. To be able to edit fractional text, you should use TrueType or SHX fonts in the DGN file and then save it as a DWG file.