MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Dynamically Rotate a View (Sphere Option)

  1. Select the Rotate View view control tool (Drawing > View > Tools).

    A cross-hair displays at the center of the active view.

    (If Sphere is selected already, in the extended settings, then the cross-hair displays at the center of a shaded sphere).

  2. Set Method to Dynamic.
  3. In the extended settings, click the Sphere icon.

    A shaded sphere displays in the active view, with the cross-hair at its center.

  4. Enter a data point somewhere within the shaded sphere (away from the cross-hair).

    As you move the screen pointer from the data point, the view is rotated. Graphics show the relationship between the starting point and current point on the rotation sphere.

  5. Enter a second data point to define the view orientation.

    View rotated dynamically using the Sphere option