MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create a Solid by Extrusion Along a Path

  1. Select the Solid by Extrusion Along tool ( Modeling > Surfaces > Create Surfaces > Extrude/Sweep > Extrude Along ).

  2. (Optional) Set Thickness type other than None in the option menu, and then type the required value or use Variable link to set it from the available variables in the Variables dialog.
  3. If necessary, set the other required settings.
    Note: If Scale is on, you must select a point about which to scale; if you want to scale about the point where the trace curve ends, then you would snap to the end of the trace curve.
  4. Select the path element.
  5. Select the profile element.
    Note: The profile element should be co-planar to the path element's start or end point.
  6. Enter a data point to accept the extrusion.
    Note: The profile is at the end point of the curve. This tool does not require the profile and the path to be at a common point to work. It will not move the profile to the path but will make the solid at the location of the profile.

    The extrusion was made without any additional options.

    Scale is turned on and set to 0.50 so the ending profile is half the size of the beginning.

    Spin is turned on and set to -90 degrees. The spin will be about the trace curve.

    Note: Portion of the path element can be defined by defining values for Start Distance and End Distance in the tool setting window.