MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create a Custom Drawing Seed for a Section Callout

  1. In the DrawingSeed.dgnlib, or your custom DGNLib, select the Place Section Callout tool.
  2. In the tool settings window, select the detailing symbol style from the Detailing Symbol Style drop-down and turn on the Create Drawing check box.
  3. If you want to use the settings of an existing drawing seed, select it from the Drawing Seed drop-down list, else select (none).
  4. Enter a data point to define the starting point for the section callout.
  5. Enter a data point to define the ending point.
  6. Enter a data point to define the direction and depth of the callout.

    The Create Drawing dialog opens.

  7. In the Create Drawing dialog, key-in the name of the section view in the Name field.

    This name will also be the name of the drawing seed.

  8. Add or modify Discipline and Purpose and modify other settings, as required.

  9. Click OK.