MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Converting IGES Text

Each MicroStation font is assigned a number from 0 to 255 in a font library.

The MicroStation font library "igesfont.flb" has equivalents for the IGES standard text fonts. The default mappings from the IGES standard text fonts to the fonts in the MicroStation font library "igesfont.flb" are as follows:

Standard IGES Font MicroStation "igesfont.flb"
1. Standard Block 0. Standard
2. LeRoy 3. Engineering
17. Century Schoolbook 2. Fancy
18. Helvetica 43. Low Res Filled
1001. Symbol Font 1 15. IGES Symbol Font 1
1002. Symbol Font 16. IGES Symbol Font 2
1003. Drafting Font 17. IGES Symbol Font 3

Any IGES font that is not explicitly mapped is translated to MicroStation FontĀ 1 (Working).

Note: To use the font library "igesfont.flb," you should ensure that the configuration variable MS_FNTLB is pointing to it.
Tip: Due to the wide variety of font conventions in different applications, getting a "perfect match" can be difficult. Because each situation is different, you must decide which font mappings work best for your translation. To make font translation as accurate as possible, you should:
  • Limit font usage to one or two fonts that have a similar appearance in each package.
  • Use "simple" fonts rather than "fancy."
CAUTION: Features that are supported by the sending application may not be supported by MicroStation. For example, some applications support the text attribute bold, but MicroStation does not support bold as a text attribute.