MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Exchanging to a Reference

While temporarily activating a referenced model for in-place editing is advisable when you want to maintain the current view orientation and still be able to snap to elements in the active model, there may be times when you want to maintain the current view orientation but focus exclusively on the referenced model. In this situation, the exchange option may be preferable.

To exchange the referenced model for the active model, you can:

  • In the References dialog, select the reference then choose Tools > Exchange.
  • Right-click the reference in the References dialog, then select Exchange from the pop-up menu.
  • With the Element Selection tool, point at the referenced element and choose Exchange from the Reset pop-up menu. If the element has more than one target, then it will have a selection list. This selection list is same as the list displayed when you select the Activate option in right-click menu of a referenced element. For selection list details, see the procedure To Activate a Reference for In-Place Editing by Selecting an Element in the Reference.
  • Use the key-ins REFERENCE EXCHANGE <file_name, model_name>, or XD= <file_name, model_name>.

When using the key-ins, including the file name or model name, is optional. When you use a key-in to exchange to a reference, you can:

  • Select the reference graphically (by not specifying a file name, nor selecting a reference in the References dialog).
  • Include the reference filename and, where necessary, model name.
  • Select the reference in the References dialog, prior to using the key-in.