MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Copying Elements with Attached Linkages

When you copy an element that has database linkages, the database linkages are copied with it. The linkage is written as the type first specified in the MS_LINKTYPE variable, regardless of the original elements' link type.

For example, suppose you copied an element that has an ORACLE linkage attached to it. If MS_LINKTYPE=ODBC in the current database session, the linkage that is attached to the new element (the copy) contains exactly the same data. However, when you analyze the element, the linkage is written as "ODBC Data Linkage" rather than "Oracle Data Linkage."

The copy function also respects the Linkage Mode setting. For example, if Linkage Mode is set to New, any element with a database linkage that is copied has a new row added to the database. If Linkage Mode is set to Duplicate, the copied element is linked to the same record as the original.

The above example assumes MicroStation is connected to the database. If not connected to a database, the element and database linkage are copied as is, without regard to MS_LINKTYPE or Linkage Mode .