MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

DGN Indexing Options Dialog, Index Settings Tab

Contains controls to start or stop the indexing service and set indexing options.

Delete and rebuild index Deletes the existing index database and rebuilds the same.
Re scan directories for new files Scans the indexed directories to check for new files and adds them to the database.
Items Indexed Displays the number of items and files indexed.
Host Name A system can have multiple network connections such as LAN, Wi-fi, and so on, and each of these can have different host addresses. The DGN Indexer listens to the host address configured in this settings.
Port A port number is part of the addressing information and is used to identify the senders and receivers on a network. This setting defines the port number at which the DGN Indexer receives the queries.
Service status Displays the status of the service as running or stopped.
Service startup Starts or stops the indexing service. The button below the drop-down option is used to start and stop the indexing service.
  • Automatic — Once started, the indexing service automatically turns on every time you restart the system.
  • Manual — Each time you restart the system, the indexing service needs to started manually.
  • Disabled — The indexing service is always disabled.
Database Location Sets the location where the database of the index is stored. Click the button next to this field to select the database location.