MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create a Boolean Solid from the Subtraction of Two or More Solids

  1. Select the Subtract Solids tool.

  2. Select the solid from which to subtract. Selected solid is highlighted.
  3. Select the solid that will be subtracted.
  4. (Optional) Use <Ctrl+data> to select more solids that will be subtracted.
  5. Enter a data point to accept the subtraction.

    Creating a boolean from subtraction of two solids. Target = Hide, Tool = hide, Merge =Off.

    Subtracting Part of a Solid Back to an Intersecting Surface: Left - Original geometry is a slab feature and a B-spline surface. | Right - Resulting geometry after the operation.

    Note: For the above procedure, the direction of the surface normals “points” to the part of the solid that is retained. You can use the Change Surface Normal tool from Modeling > Surfaces > Surface Utilities > Change Surface tools > Change Normal, to reverse the direction of surface normals.