MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Database to Tag Dialog

Used to display attached external databases.

This dialog consists of two scrollable fields separated by key action buttons. When the external database is attached to the active design file, one or more entries appear in the Database Tables list.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Tag Sets dialog: File > Import > From Database

An empty Database Tables field indicates that no database is currently attached to the active design file. Select the Cancel button, attach the database, and restart DBTOTAG using the Import Database command. You can use the DB= key-in to attach the appropriate database.

DBTOTAG shows only those data tables found in the current MSCATALOG table.

Database Tables Contains names of the data tables if an external database is attached to the active design file. If no entries appear in the list box, a database needs to be appropriately attached.
Import Tables Lists the name of the source data tables added from the Database Tables list box.
Add Click to move an entry from the Database Tables list box to the Import Tables list box to select a data set.
Remove Click to remove an entry from the Import Tables list box.
The Remove button is provided to reverse the Add process should you accidentally select a database table entry that you do not want to convert.

Once a dataset has been chosen in the Database to Tag dialog, you must select the data fields within that dataset you wish to import, and indicate how you want this data imported.

Details Opens the Column Details dialog which lists the data fields and type of data available to load.

Import Starts the database to tag conversion after the data fields are set up in the Column Details dialog.