MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Rendering/Images Configuration Variables

The following table lists the configuration variables that affect rendering and images. Each configuration variable expects a valid value. An invalid value will not override a setting. You do not need to close and restart in order for the configuration variable change to take effect.

Variable Short name Description
MS_LOCAL_MATERIALS Local Material Setting Serves the same function as the Copy Materials Locally On Use toggle in the Settings menu of the Material Editor dialog.

If set to 1, materials are made local on use and the DGN file defaults to a local table if one does not exist already (as it would if Copy Materials On Use was enabled).

If set to zero, or undefined, then localization of used materials is controlled by the Copy Materials Locally On Use toggle.

Local material support is new as of the V8 XM Edition and is not supported by earlier versions.

MS_MTBL Material Tables Search path(s) for material tables.
MS_MATERIAL Material Palettes Search path(s) for material palettes.
MS_PATTERN Pattern Maps Search path(s) for pattern maps.
MS_BUMP Bump Maps Search path(s) for bump maps.
MS_IMAGE Images Search path(s) for images.
MS_IMAGEOUT Image Output Directory in which image files created with Drawing > Utilities > Image > Save Image and Drawing > Utilities > Image > Capture are stored.
MS_SHADOWMAP Shadow Maps Directory where shadow maps are stored.
MS_LIGHTING IES Lighting Files Directory where IES lighting data will be stored.
MS_LIGHTLIST Pre-defined Light Sources Directory that lists the location of predefined lights.
MS_RENDERLOG Rendering statistics log File in which rendering statistics are logged.
MS_SHARED_DR_DIR Distributed Rendering Directory Working directory for shared rendering files.
MS_IMAGE_EDITOR Image Editor Default program to be used to edit an image file. The program is activated by double-clicking in the preview area of the Map Editor dialog.
MS_MATERIAL_PREVIEW_BACKGROUND Material Preview Background Image to be used for the background of material previews in the Material Editor.
MS_MATERIAL_PREFERLIBRARYMATERIALS If set to 1, lets you edit a library material(s) in the master file so that the change is reflected in all instances of the material in the master file as well as in all the reference files. This eliminates the need to manually edit the material in each reference file individually.
MS_FILTEREDCODECS Filtered DirectShow Codecs List of codecs that should not display when exporting a movie from the animator.
MS_RENDERV7MATERIALS V7 Material Compatibility If set to 1, materials are rendered as they were in V7. Most affected are translucency, transparency, specularity, and diffuse as applied to pattern maps.
MS_DISABLE_RPCBROWSER Disable RPC Thumbnail Browser If set to 1, the RPC Thumbnail Browser is disabled.
MS_RPCDIR RPC Search Path Sets the directory in which to search for RPC files.