MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are features that are planned to be removed in future releases of MicroStation.

Deprecation Description
Tags and Tag sets You can upgrade tag sets to item types and tag reports to report definitions.
Engineering Links You can create different types of links from the Explorer dialog Links tab.
Feature Modeling and Dimension Driven Design The introduction of new parametric modeling and constraint tools replaces the previous parametric system. Existing DGN files containing Feature Solids and Dimension Driven Design profiles continue to be supported, the editing tools for which may be found by opening the respective toolboxes.
Legacy Solid and Surface tools The old solid and surface tools have been replaced by the new and advanced tools that are more aligned to the new parametric modeling system. For editing the old solids and surfaces in the existing DGN files use the old tools in "Legacy" toolboxes.