MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Reporting Template Standards Checks in Named Groups

When you are checking element templates, the Standards Checker can add all elements that fail the standards check to a named group. To do so, select the Named Group check box in the Standards Checker dialog. The default name for the named group is "Nonstandard Elements."

After the Standards Checker runs, open the Named Groups dialog to see the results. In the Nonstandard Elements named group is a list of templates and the number of elements that failed the standard checks against each template.

This list of Nonstandard Elements remains in the Named Groups dialog until you rerun the Standards Checker, select Named Groups, and use the name "Nonstandard Elements." Then the previous results are overwritten.

If you want to keep track of which elements failed the standards check, how many were fixed, and how many still need to be fixed, you can enter a different name in the Named Group text box each time you do a standards check.

Note: If you select the Named Group check box, select the Interactive check box, and fix all errors when they occur in interactive mode, a named group will not be created.