MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Line Style Modifiers

Line style modifiers or overrides allow some characteristics of a line style to be modified as elements are placed without requiring separate line style definitions.

Modifiers are available for the following stroke pattern and stroke attributes:

  • Origin and end widths. These modifiers are applied to each stroke and can be used to create wide or tapered elements.
  • Stroke pattern shift.

In addition, a Scale Factor modifier is available. This modifier is applied to all length values in the line style definition.

Line Style can also be set ByCell or ByLevel. If ByCell is selected, when a cell is placed the active line style is used in place of the line style used when the cell was created. If ByLevel is selected, when an element is placed the line style defined for the active level is used to display the element.

ByCell is enabled, by default, only in DWG workmode. You can enable ByCell in DGN workmode by enabling the capability _USTN_CAPABILITY <+CAPABILITY_BYCELL in the standards, WorkSpace, WorkSet, or user configuration file.