MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Markup Configuration Variables

There are configuration variables available to specify markup-related directory paths, page layout and resolution.

Variable "Short Name" Description
MS_MARKUP_HIDE_AUDIT_COMMENTS Hide Markup Audit Comments When set to True, audit comments do not display in the Comment section of the Markups dialog. However, user comments continue to display.
MS_MARKUPVIEWRESOLUTION Markup View Resolution Sets the resolution of the Markup View window, which is used to view a markup. Resolution can be set between 200 and 1200; default is 500.
MS_MARKUPSHEETSEEDNAME Markup Template Sheet Specifies the default page layout size. The default is Letter (Landscape).
MS_MARKUPSHEETSEED Markup Template File Sets the directory path for the location of the template file (Page Layout File) when creating markup sheets.
MS_MARKUPSETTINGS Markup Customization Settings Sets the location of the file that controls the settings for markups. The default is $(MS_DATA)MarkupConfig.XML.
MS_MARKUPPATH Markup Path Sets the directory path for the location where the markups are saved.