MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Design File Settings Dialog, Angle Readout Category

Contains controls to set the format and accuracy for angle readout.

Format Sets the angle readout format:
  • DD.DDDD — Decimal degrees (for example, 65.4290°).
  • DD MM — Degrees and minutes.
  • DD MM SS — Degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  • Gradians
  • Radians
Accuracy Sets decimal accuracy up to eight decimal places for angles.
Direction Mode Sets the manner in which angles are measured:
  • Azimuth — Clockwise from the design plane positive y-axis; used in disciplines such as astronomy, surveying, and navigation.

    Azimuth Angle Mode

  • Bearing — Angles are measured as follows:
    Quadrant Direction From Axis
    Northeast Eastward (clockwise) North
    Northwest Westward (counterclockwise) North
    Southeast Eastward (counterclockwise) South
    Southwest Westward (clockwise) South

    Reads out: <distance> <axis> <angle> <direction>, where:

    Read Out Description
    <distance> The length of the terminal side
    <axis> Axis (N or S) from which angle is measured
    <angle>° The angle
    <direction> Direction (E or W) in which angle is measured

    A sample bearing readout is "3.5, N 45°E." The terminal side lies in the quadrant identified by the bearings (the northeast quadrant in this example).

    Bearing Angle Mode

Note: The Active Angle is defined conventionally regardless of the Angle Mode setting.
Base Sets the base direction for angle readout to North, South, East or West. To specify a different direction, choose Custom and enter a value.
Clockwise If on, sets the sweep orientation used for direction readout in the clockwise direction.
Preview box The proposed angle displays in the preview area. The thick line shows the base direction.