MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


Used to display the range blocks of the elements in the view window. Key in SET RANGE and update the view to display the range blocks. The SET RANGE key-in is a toggle. Key in once to turn on the range blocks, and key in again to turn them off.

Range blocks are snappable. You can use them to dimension elements. For example, if you create an arc by trimming an ellipse, you may not be able to dimension the long axis quite right. If so, turn on the display of the element ranges and use the snappable range block for placing the dimensions. However, the resulting dimension will not be associated with the arc.

Element dimensioning by snapping range blocks

The SET RANGE key-in can also be used to diagnose file problems. For example, if you do a Fit View and the design does not fit properly; Or, when you do a fence command, and one element does not get manipulated. In such cases, it is probable that there may be an element with corrupted range blocks. You can repair the range blocks by loading the mdl application fixrange.ma (MDL LOAD FIXRANGE), then you can create a new file of the fenced area using the FF= key-in or EDG key-in (pre- V8 files).