MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Default Windows Printer Name

Specifies the Windows printer name. Printers can be accessed locally or across a network. In either case, the printer must have been installed on the machine from which the product is being used. To obtain a valid printer name, click Start > Devices and Printers. Below or next to the icon for each printer is the printer name. The printer name takes one of two forms:

  • A local printer name, such as HP LaserJet 4 Plus.
  • A network printer name, such as hp755cm on Printserver, which specifies a printer share name and a network computer.
  In .PLTCFG editor
Property or Record Name Default Windows Printer Name
Syntax For a local printer name: HP LaserJet 4 Plus
For a network printer name, include the network computer name, followed by the printer share name: \\printserver\hp755cm
Default Optional, but recommended. If omitted, the Windows default printer is used.