MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Multi-Line Styles

A multi-line style is a saved multi-line definition. You can define multi-lines styles and apply them to multi-line elements during placement. Multi-line styles can be created, customized and saved for easy recall. The Multi-line Styles dialog (Place Multi-Line tool setting window: click the ... icon next to the Style drop-down menu) is used to manage multi-line styles.

The active multi-line style is associated with the open DGN file.

Multi-line definitions can be stored as styles in either the open DGN file or a DGN library.

Note: If a multi-line style changes in a multi-line style library component of a DGN library, multi-line styles placed in DGN files prior to the change are not automatically updated in the DGN files. You can manually update them in the Multi-line Styles dialog.
Note: Right clicking in the Multi-line style list box brings up a pop-up menu containing Activate, Copy, Rename, Delete, Reset and Move Element.
Note: To set the active multi-line definition to the definition of a multi-line in the design, use the Match Element Attributes .