MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


The following enhancements are made to visualization tools in this update.

Exporting to LumenRT

While exporting a DGN model to LumenRT, you no more require a camera enabled for the active view. MicroStation automatically creates a 3 point camera with respect to the active view.

Ability to Create Stereoscopic VR Rendering

The Use Spherical Camera Projection check box has been replaced with Camera Projection drop-down list with additional options to select Spherical VR and Cylindrical VR. These options are used for virtual reality applications such as a Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear.

EXIF Data Support in Photomatch Tool

The Photomatch tool now supports images that have EXIF data embedded in them.

Support for Parametric Cells in the Populate Tool

You can now place parametric cells from the Populate tool.