MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Automatic Rotation Direction

Indicates the direction in which printed output is automatically rotated to maximize the area on the page used for the printout.

Rotation is not automatic. Rotation occurs only when necessary to fit the printable area of the paper. Take, for example, the case of trying to print a 24 inch x 44 inch image at a one-to-one scale on a 36–inch-wide printer. Since it would be impossible to print 44 inches across a 36–inch roll, setting this property to Rotate 90 cw instructs the printer to rotate the print 90 degrees clockwise to accommodate the larger dimension.

Automatic rotation may be undesirable when using certain long forms. In that case, it can be disabled on a per-paper-size basis.

  In .PLTCFG editor
Property or Record Name Automatic Rotation Direction
Syntax .
Values Rotate 90 ccw
Rotate 90 cw
No Automatic Rotation
Default Rotate 90 cw