MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


You can place tables in MicroStation using the Place Table tool. Once placed, you can perform following formatting operations on a table:
  • Add and remove rows
  • Add title row, header row, first column, last column, and footer row, which can contain different formatting then the body rows
  • Break a table
  • Change height and width of rows and columns
  • Merge and split cells
  • Change cell margins
  • Set cell fill color
  • Add and remove borders
  • Set border color, linestyle, and line weight
You can also perform following operations on the text in the table cells:
  • Set text alignment
  • Set text direction

You can also place a table using the data in an excel workbook or a .csv file.

If you have a report definition created, the report can be placed as a table in your model. The content in the table is automatically populated from the report definition.

You can also place a sheet index as a table.

You may also refer to the LEARNserver course Using Tables.