MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Image Draping

Image Draping is an extension to the MicroStation rendering feature. If you are not familiar with rendering, consult the Generating Rendered Images section.

The draping function is based on a MicroStation rendering feature called Procedural Materials, which allows the application of a specific behavior to the raster image. This image can be draped over a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or any 3D object using the "DCDRAPE.PAL" Procedural Material. In the case of aerial photos or satellite images, the DTM should be used. By using the draping feature, Raster Manager seamlessly integrates any image in the rendering process in combination with 3D elements. It also supports lighting effects, shadows, fog effects, fly through, animations, etc. For detailed information see Procedural Materials in the MicroStation Using Rendering and Visualization Tools section. Bentley Descartes is no longer required to drape rasters over digital elevation models.