MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Placing Content from a Web Page as a Cell

Some Web pages contain DWG content that is i-Drop enabled. This means that you can drag the content from the Web page and drop it into a MicroStation model. When you drop this content into a model, it is placed as a cell.

In order to place content from a Web page as a cell, you must download the i-Drop Indicator from the Autodesk website. It is installed as a plug-in to your browser. When you point to content that is i-Drop enabled, your pointer changes to the i-Drop icon.

The WEBDROP DIALOG key-in opens the Web-Drop Settings dialog, which allows you to set options that will affect content dragged from a Web page and dropped in a model.

When you drag content from a Web page it is downloaded to MicroStation, the Place Active Cell tool becomes active and you can apply its tool settings to the content, and the content is placed as a cell.