MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Open a DGN File from a Remote Location

  1. Open the Applications dialog ( Drawing > Utilities > Utilities > MDL Applications ).
  2. In the Available Applications section, click Browse.
  3. Navigate to the weblib.ma file.

    The default location for the file is in the ..\Bentley\MicroStation <version>\MicroStation\mdlsys\asneeded directory.

  4. Select the file and click Open.

    WEBLIB.MA appears in the list of loaded applications.

  5. In the Loaded Applications list box, select WEBLIB and click Key-ins.

    The WEBLIB : Key-in dialog opens.

  6. Key in WEBLIB GETURL.

    The Select Remote File dialog opens.

  7. In the URL text box, key in the path to the remote DGN file.
  8. (Optional) Adjust any other settings as necessary.
  9. Click OK.