MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Choosing a Translation

The best translation to use depends on factors that are unique to each translation, such as:

  • the sending application or receiving application
  • the type of data being translated
  • whether you need to convert product-definition data or picture data
Note: The CGM format cannot exchange product-definition data.

Preserving as Much Data as Possible

Items in one system may not have exact equivalents in another other system. Also, items that are common to both systems may be expressed differently. Usually, the goal is to perform a translation that preserves as much data as possible.

If you perform frequent translations, you should learn about the MicroStation and the IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STL, STEP AP203/AP214, DWG, DXF, Image, Text, VRML, SVG, OBJ, SketchUp, Google Earth, Collada, U3D, FBX, or JT formats and set up your models in a way that minimizes data loss.

Tip: You should test the translation with small drawings that contain samples of all of the types of data used in your project.