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Typically, a cell is a small 2D drawing, or a 3D object— usually of a frequently-used or complex symbol, notation, detail, or part. Cells are defined as models in a DGN file called a cell library. A cell library can contain many cell definitions each of which is stored in its own model. A cell library is a DGN file. Any DGN file can be attached as a cell library and any cell library can be opened as a DGN file.

Sample building cells

Sample cells for civil engineering

Some sample cells for geospatial

Some sample cells for plant

Why Use Cells?

Cells are used for these reasons:

  • To save time drawing patterns and repeated details
  • To make it easy to update details throughout a DGN file
  • To provide uniformity

You can create your own cell libraries.

Cell Origin

Each cell has a cell origin, defined when the cell is created, that can be thought of as the cell's "handle." When you enter a data point to place the cell, the origin is placed at that point.