MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Modify Properties Dialog, Main Tab, Variable Print Definitions

Contains controls used to specify model and print style properties for the selected variable print definitions. The Main tab appears in the Modify Properties dialog.

The Main tab contains text and drop-down list boxes to define variable print definition property values. The first item in each drop-down list box is an empty list item. If a control is set to the empty list item, it does not set that print definition property.

Model (Valid only for DGN/DWG source files) Text box that allows you to specify the model to use for the printed output. By default, Print Organizer assigns a blank value in the Model field for a newly created variable print definition. By not specifying a model, Print Organizer selects the models based on the model selection method specified in the print style or in the Preferences dialog. This allows for the dynamic discovery of models when printing variable print definitions. If you specify a model name in the Model field, Print Organizer restricts the variable print definition to that one model.
Print style Drop-down list box used to specify a print style. Print styles provide an easy and flexible way of defining default print definition property values for both Print Organizer and the Print dialog. An empty value specifies that it will not change the currently assigned print style.