MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

To Create a Solid by Revolution

  1. Select the Solid by Revolution tool.

  2. To create a parametric solid, turn on Parametric.
    Note: Creating a parametric solid is the ideal thing to do, as it will let you edit it easily without needing to be manually rebuilt.
  3. (Optional) In the Angle and Thickness (Type must be set other than None in the option menu) fields, type the required values or use Variable link to set them from the available variables in the Variables dialog.
  4. Select the profile element.
  5. Enter a data point.

    If Axis is set to Points, this data point defines one point on the axis of revolution. Otherwise, this data point defines the axis of revolution.

    Note: You can adjust the rotation by moving the pointer.
  6. Enter another data point to accept the revolved solid. (If Axis is set to Points, the second data point defines another point on the axis of revolution and completes the construction of the revolved solid).